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Aromatherapy Aromatherapy

Lotus Soy Candles illuminate your surroundings and revive the senses with aromatherapy. The candles contain a natural blend of soy and essential oils. Essential Oils (derived from “essence of a plant”) provide therapeutic benefits both physically and psychologically. Essential oils are 100 percent natural, unlike fragrance oils (perfume oils) which contain synthetic materials and do not provide the therapeutic benefits. Soy wax burns at a slower rate than paraffin, allowing you to enjoy your Lotus Candle longer. Soy provides a clean burn and does not omit soot or toxins into our environment. The pure burning soy keeps the air you breathe clean.

Lotus Massage Candles are hand poured with 100% pure soy wax blended with natural massage oils. Lotus candles are made with a blend of oils including Jojoba, Vitamin E, and Safflower oils, which promote healthy skin. Soy wax also contains vitamin E and burns at a low temperature that can be applied directly to the skin for a relaxing hot oil massage.

The symbolic Lotus is known for its radiance and beauty despite its murky surroundings. Rather than dwell in the darkness, let the light of the candle transform your body, your massage, your room, your mind, your spirit. Allow the massage candles to renew your skin, awaken your senses, take your worries away, and feel alive again.

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